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TechNet Asia-Pacific 2016
November 15-17, 2016 • Honolulu, HI

AFC_TNATwitter400x400TechNet Asia-Pacific  is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and AFCEA Hawaii. It is the largest event in the Pacific Rim focusing on regional defense issues. Keynote speakers, panel moderators and panelists will discuss defense policies and challenges... Read More
February 21-23, 2017 • San Diego, CA

WEST2017Twitter.jpgWEST is the premier Sea Services event focused on operations in the Asia-Pacific region - showcasing emerging systems, platforms, technologies and networks that will impact all areas of current and future Sea Service operations. Industry will showcase and discuss emerging technologies and equipment that will impact all areas of future Sea Service operations.... Read More

NGA Industry Day 2017
March 15, 2017 • Springfield, VA

NGAIndustryDay2017_400x400.jpgTo facilitate government-industry innovation, AFCEA Intelligence and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) will sponsor a full-day classified (Secret) event dedicated to discussing the future of NGA and identifying areas of possible collaboration and business opportunity to help enable and accelerate NGA's strategic vision. The event will be held at NGA's Springfield facility... Read More
Spring Intelligence Symposium 2017
April 26-27, 2017 • Springfield, VA

SpringIntel2017_400x400.jpgThe Symposium will be a one-of-a-kind event designed to set the tone and agenda for billions of dollars in IC investment. Leaders from all major IC agencies, from the ODNI, IARPA, and the National Intelligence Council will explore where that investment is being directed... Read More
Air Force Industry Day 2017
May 24, 2017 • Chantilly, VA

AFIndustryDay2017_400x400.jpgThe U.S. Air Force is committed to developing a broader relationship with industry to improve understanding of requirements and enhance competition. Attendees at this classified (Secret/NOFORN) event will gain a greater understanding of the Air Force ISR vision and direction. This event is co-sponsored by AFCEA Intelligence and the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force... Read More
Defensive Cyber Operations 2017
June 13-15, 2017 • Baltimore, MD

AFC_TNATwitter400x400The U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency’s new operational role in the cyber domain as network defender creates a formal relationship between DISA, U.S. Cyber Command and the command’s military service components. The goal is to improve security, but a successful strategy depends on... Read More
Navy Information Warfare Industry Day 2017
June 15, 2017 • Chantilly, VA

NavyIndustryDay2017_400x400.jpgAFCEA Intelligence and the Naval Intelligence Professionals, in collaboration with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance will co-sponsor a special, one day classified event examining the state of Information Dominance in the U.S. Navy... Read More
 Army Intelligence Industry Day 2017
June 29, 2017 • Chantilly, VA

ArmyIndustryDay17_400x400.jpgAFCEA Intelligence and the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Headquarters, U.S. Army, will co-sponsor a special, one day classified event tailored for members of industry focused on U.S. Army Intelligence... Read More
 AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum 2017
July 13, 2017 • Chantilly, VA

CyberForum2017_400x400.jpgProtecting the Homeland in a Cyber Domain: The substantial threats sophisticated adversaries pose to government and industry computer networks and data require the U.S. Government to leverage private sector resources and capabilities... Read More
TechNet Augusta 2017
August 8-10 2017 • Augusta, GA

AugustaTwitter400x400-2.jpgTechNet Augusta provides a forum for key military professionals from the U.S. Defense Department, armed services and U.S. Coast Guard to discuss issues and share ideas. Government, industry and academic speakers address a broad range of topics and focus on the ..  The Summit provides a forum... Read More

Intelligence & National Security Summit 2017
September 6-7, 2017 • Washington, D.C.
AFC_TNATwitter400x400AFCEA Intelligence and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) are thrilled to host the fourth Intelligence & National Security Summit 2016, being held September 6-7, 2017 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The Summit provides a forum... Read More

Global Identity Summit 2017
September 11-14, 2017 • Washington, DC
The Global Identity Summit is the U.S. federal government’s primary outreach and collaboration-building event with the worldwide identity community each year... Read More
NRO Industry Day
September 28, 2017 • Chantilly, VA
Partnering and information sharing are essential for keeping our nation ahead or today's complex threats. AFCEA Intelligence and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) are sponsoring a full day classified (SECRET/NOFORN) event dedicated to identifying areas of possible collaboration and business opportunity to help enable and accelerate NRO's strategic vision.... Read More
 MILCOM 2017
October 23-35, 2017 • Baltimore, MD
MILCOM 2016 November 1-3, 2016 Baltimore, MD
MILCOM 2017 celebrates the 36th anniversary of the premier international conference for military communications. The conference will take place October 23-25, 2017 in Baltimore, MD.  Leaders from around the world will address the critical role communications plays in military readiness and operations...

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